Retirement Benefit Information

The Fund provides monthly retirement benefits to all members who have meet retirement eligibility.

The Monthly Benefit = [(Salary Cap/12) *.04] x Total Years and Months of Service.

The Salary Cap used to calculate the benefit is either the designated Fund Salary Cap -OR- the Final Salary Received as the Magistrate Judge (whichever is less). Salary Caps are determined by your county's population from census data.

The maximum service credit available to members is 20 years--must have complete months.

The Fund highly recommends the use of the Member Self Service portal for Retirement Calculation Estimates.

Designated Survivor

The designated survivor shall be a person with whom the member has a familial relationship through blood, marriage or adoption.

A member, who is married, may elect a designated survivor other than his or her spouse under this subsection only with the written agreement of the spouse.

Survivor Options amounts differ among members. You can learn more on our Survivor Benefit Options Page.